Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a Civil Funeral the same as a Humanist Ceremony?

No, A Humanist Ceremony has no religious content whereas a civil funeral can have as much or as little religious content or prayers as the family wish.

Where does a Civil Funeral take place?

A Civil Funeral can be held anywhere other than a church or place of worship. Most commonly they would be held in the funeral home, the deceased own home or a crematorium chapel but also can be held in halls/clubhouses etc. All efforts will be made to facilitate the family in their wishes.

What is the role of the Civil Funeral Celebrant?

The Funeral Celebrant can advise and assist you with the planning of the Ceremony, ensuring that the funeral proceeds as the family wishes. If required the celebrant can deliver the tribute or eulogy and read reflections, prayers etc.

What about the Format of the funeral, eg. readings etc

The choice of readings, music & prayers is totally up to the family. The Celebrant will endeavor to facilitate all requests and can offer advice or suggestions if needed.

What if a family member does not wish to give the eulogy?

The Civil Funeral Celebrant can deliver the eulogy on behalf of the family, having first agreed the content of the eulogy with them in order to give a true picture of their loved one.

Is it possible to have a memorial service instead of a Civil Funeral Ceremony?

Yes. Some Families may wish to have a private cremation with a memorial service, usually a month later and this can also be facilitated by the celebrant.

About Me

I am a Civil Funeral Celebrant based in Co.Limerick but available for ceremonies throughout Munster and Ireland. Contact me to find out more about what I do.


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